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Search Engine Optimisation 

Search Engine Optimization is a fundamental requirement for any well-designed website.

We overlay any website we build with strong SEO, increasing your visibility. This increases the quality and quantity of website traffic directly for users of web search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation

Your Branding

Your Branding

SEO promotes trust in your business branding and services. You could say it ‘shouts out’ to search engines such as Google and lets them know you’re ready for business!

The World Wide Web

Getting Found

Structured content includes well designed and implemented SEO, delivering the content of your website for search engine crawlers to understand, making it easy for your website to be found. 

Get Results

Get Results

Great SEO results in high page rankings, increasing your visibility, resulting in returning customers and quality leads, including good returns for your business and services.

I like to think of SEO as a union between functionality and overall user experience.

Great SEO is about designing structured content that can be indexed by search engines, ranking your webpages highly, resulting in more traffic to your site from customers using search engines such as Google and Bing.

My SEO design principles 

Users Experience throughout your Website

UI – User Interface

User Interface, primarily deals with the “functionality” relating to digital content throughout your Website Design.

Website Interaction

Simply put; visual aspects of your customer’s journey between interfaces and functions including typography, menu systems, buttons, imagery, and content placement. Essentially UI is the interface “framework” of Web Design interaction.

UX – User Experience

UI and UX both play a role in the “look” of your Website but in different capacities.

Website Experience

UI deals with visual aspects of individual element design, and the unity between these elements. UX deals with the overall “look” and the relationship between all elements within the design. Yes very confusing! and equally very important!


User Experience
Users Journey throughout your Website

Customers Journey

UX Design is primarily focused not only on the “look” of the design but also the overall “feel” of your visitor’s entire journey throughout your website.

Website Feel

How straightforward is their journey? who is your target audience? what relationship do visitors have with your products and service?  Essentially, it is a map of your customers journey across your website.


What else can I offer?

Let us bring your concepts and ideas into reality. Together we can design, create and implement your website, with ongoing support including website and IT technical support + training.

What gives me the edge? well, I am also a trained IT Technician with over 30 years of experience! yep, I can set up your network and computers as well!

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